With all due respects Bon Jovi, I've always been one of your biggest fans. Like, really. I went through my childhood with a lot of "Livin' on a Prayer", then built the confidence out of my earlier teenage times with "It's My Life". When I heard you were coming to Indonesia, I couldn't help it. I was so excited. But knowing who's supporting your arrival, all of my excitement was gone. Everything about you was just simply insipid. Do you know that the company who is going to fund your concert is Gudang Garam, a cigarette company? Do you know that cigarette companies in general are the one who profits from the people who are addicted to their dangerously obnoxious products? Do you know that in our country, cigarettes are the second largest items to be purchased in many families after rice, beating other important items on the list such as meats, fruits, and veggies? In the promotional posters for your upcoming concert, there is a statement: "Signature Moment together with Bon Jovi are against children smoking" How could you possibly say that? When in fact in Indonesia, cigarettes are sold with such loose control and regulations, even some 10 year old kids can buy a cigarette anytime anywhere for their parents (or even for themselves!). How do the cigarette industries respond to this? With ignorance, of course. They don't care about children who smoke. They even oftenly advertise their products nearby schools. Our society have been manipulated by the overpowering shackles of these merchants of death for too long. Don't be the one who's going to prolong their deadly 'sunset industry' by pragmatically accepting their offer to perform under their sponsorship. I'm talking to you as a fan. A big fan. Please reconsider your upcoming concert in Indonesia. See thoroughly with your gentle heart, see where does the money come from. Don't be a stooge to those cigarette industries who wants to sugar-coat their native advertisement to our society. I know you can do better than this. I appreciate your work of art, and that is exactly why I'm asking you to think this through.

Sincerely, A fan.

Gian - Gerakan Muda FCTC #FCTCuntukIndonesia